We will be glad to discuss any of your needs related to our wordpress plugins . if any of functionality you’d like to see in products, you can reach us by via email

— totalsoft.team@gmail.com —

Who We Are

We are a team of talented digital experts who constantly looking for creative challenges. We strongly focus on constant hard work, dedication and innovation. We love blending creativity, functionality and simplicity to deliver Stunning Digital experiences. Our goal is creating simple, functional, creative and challenging digital projects.

Continuous improvement: thanks to you

We originally began developing our software in 2016, to answer the need for high-quality directory WordPress tools. Ever since we wrote the first line of code, we have been entirely driven by our clients’ needs. Right at the start we came to one resounding conclusion:

To deliver the performance and scale our clients demanded, we needed to code it all from the ground up: both themes and plugin functionality.

Why should you use our plugins?

Auto Updates

You can update any of our plugins just like any theme or plugin in WordPress. Simply enter in your license key to receive updates.